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A road work zone at night with workers surrounded by traffic control supplies

Traffic Control Solutions that Get the Job Done

The overall goal of any sort of road construction is to not only keep workers and drivers safe but also to have traffic control products that get the job done. Designing safer work zones that simultaneously increase mobility on the streets is something that we at Interwest Safety are dedicated to when it comes to traffic control supplies.

Early Recognition Signs

When creating a safe and effective work zone, having early recognition of your construction traffic signs and planning is essential. From construction signs to regulatory signs and warning signs, work zones easily compromise the positioning and visibility of the various traffic control devices on the roads. That’s why quality and visible signs are vital; they can grab the driver’s attention sooner, rather than later, for earlier comprehension in a more natural and timely manner. Having these early recognition markers increase drivers’ reactions.

Temporary traffic control signs carry messages, helping alert road users of upcoming road conditions, traffic laws, and route changes. With such a significant role in work zones, they must have high visibility during the day, in low-light settings, and in rainy conditions.

Day and Night Visibility Markers

With both signs and markings on the road, around-the-clock visibility is crucial when determining how your work zone is structured. When helping drivers navigate work zones, there are two factors to consider: the fluorescence and retro-reflectivity of both signs and road markings. Upgrading construction traffic signs to meet Type XI standards and ensuring your road markings have all-weather performance are two major things to consider. These factors will get the job done while keeping both drivers and workers safe.

Pavement markings help drivers see and stay in their lanes, and in work zones, where lanes are narrower and often shift unexpectedly, this can greatly reduce accidents. When selecting an effective pavement paint, visibility is the most important factor to consider – especially in both low-light and wet-driving conditions. In general, pavement paint is embedded with retroreflective glass beads, which are designed to reflect a vehicle’s headlights to the driver, helping them know where to maneuver their vehicle throughout a work zone – no matter the time of day.

Traffic Mobility

As lanes shift throughout construction zones, there is no need to compromise efficient and safe traffic mobility. Work zone crash cushions are one of the most effective ways to guard against those vulnerable areas in your work zones from errant drivers. From temporary to more permanent solutions, a strategically placed crash cushion will ensure the job gets done while simultaneously offering peace of mind to roadway workers.

Because of the ever-changing work zone environments, having traffic control products that evolve with these changes makes traffic mobility much easier and safer. Intelligent traffic solutions blend speed, mobility, and efficacy into your work environment. With a sudden change in lane patterns or road closures, an intelligent sign, such as a Safepace Cruiser LT, can change in a matter of minutes to inform drivers of the new road conditions ahead. Couple this with other driver feedback signs, such as speed indicators, and your work zone is bound to be an area where workers can get the job done.

Best Practices to Create Effective Work Zones

For over 40 years, we have kept efficacy and safety at the forefront of our minds here at Interwest Safety. When manufacturing and distributing our traffic control supplies, we want to make sure our equipment is used to signal, protect, delineate, notify, and guide pedestrians and vehicles safely through roadways and work zones.

Our safety products are used in a multitude of construction and maintenance projects involving highways and streets, infrastructure, utilities, and land development, to name a few. For several years, Interwest Safety Supply has also proudly served the Department of

Transportation (state and federal), road contractors, general contractors, small sign manufacturers, municipalities, airports, schools, universities, law enforcement, rental companies, and the private industry.
With the ever-changing technology, we make it a key focus to stay up to date with work-zone best practices. Contact our experts today. They are willing and able to help answer any questions or concerns you may have when planning for your next traffic control project.

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