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A street lined with orange and white-striped traffic barriers

The 9 Most Common Types of Road Barricades & Barriers

Road barriers and barricades are a critical part of road safety and traffic management. They help prevent accidents, direct traffic, and ensure drivers, construction workers, and pedestrians are safe. With a variety of traffic barriers available, it’s essential to understand the different types, their features, their specific purposes, and situations where they would be needed.

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What Is the MUTCD?

Over 200 million cars are registered and driven in the US. With so many vehicles, Americans must operate and direct these four thousand-pound machines as safely and smoothly as possible. With 50 different state departments of transportation, over 67 million Americans speaking a language other than English, and many different vehicle makes and models, standardized

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A man practicing bicycle road safety while wearing a backpack walking down the street with a bike

How to Use Road Signs to Improve Bicycle Safety in Your City

Bicycles are great for leisure activities and short-range commuting, but they aren’t without risk. According to the CDC, bike accidents result in nearly 1,000 fatalities and 130,000 injuries annually and roughly $23 billion lost in health care expenses, lost work productivity, and lost life quality. Local leaders can take action to minimize the risk of

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An empty desert road in New Mexico

New Mexico Road Safety (Stats, Facts, and Tips)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated nearly 43,000 traffic fatalities in the U.S. in 2021, the highest number of deaths since 2005. Each number represents a life lost and a family left grieving a loved one. Traffic safety affects everyone, and governments continue to focus on decreasing deaths and serious injuries nationwide. As we

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A motorhome driving in Arizona

Arizona Road Safety (Stats, Facts, & Tips)

Road safety affects everyone from road trip junkies to conservative commuters. Over the past few years, the concern for driver safety has risen. Despite fewer vehicle miles traveled during the COVID-19 pandemic, there were 38,824 traffic fatalities in 2020—the highest number since 2007. The numbers for 2021 were no better with 42,939 traffic fatalities reported.

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