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SurfaceScan is a vehicle mounted mobile weather sensor. The sensor monitors road surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint, as well as displays live readings using a dash mounted graphical display.

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The SurfaceScan helps departments of transportation and contractors to do the following:

  1. Identify where frost or black ice may form in order to apply the appropriate road treatment
  2. Determine if conditions are appropriate for applying traffic paint or other coatings


  • Obtain accurate readings with no calibration required
  • Display instant temperature measurement and a historical graph of past measurements
  • Easy setup
  • Alarm features notify drivers when temperatures cross a given threshold
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Compatible with Android 7.0+
  • One year manufacturer's limited warranty

The Surface Scan Includes:

Surface Scan Includes

  • The road surface temperature probe with cable and mount
  • The air temperature/humidity probe, with cable and mount
  • The SSBI-1 interface module and power cord with 12VDC adapter
  • The SS display module, with mounting bracket and power cord

Surface Sensor

The surface temperature is collected through non-contact IR Temperature sensor. This sensor is enclosed in a weatherproof IP63 class stainless steel housing, which is mounted in a Markroblend® EL703 Polycarbonate plastic housing.

Air Temperature/ Relative Humidity Sensor

Air Temperature and Relative Humidity is collected by a single sensor housed in a weatherproof plastic housing that utilizes a sintered metal air filter to protect the sensors.

Bluetooth Interface SSBI-1

The SSBI-1 module is enclosed in a 3.5” X 6” plastic housing.

Four LEDs provide information to the user:

  • Green LED shows that the SSBI-1 is on.
  • Red LED flashes to provide a heartbeat indication that the SSBI-1 is working properly.
  • Blue LED provides an indication that the Bluetooth connection can be discovered.
  • Yellow LED flashes when data is being transferred.

There are three connections to the SSBI-1. Two Ethernet connections and a power connection. The Surface sensor and AT/RH sensors connect to the SSBI-1 using labeled Ethernet connectors, while the power connector utilizes a twist-on two pin connector.


The SS display module comes with a dash mountable, adjustable, holding fixture which includes instructions showing how it can be used to mount the display to the dash surface. Before permanently fixing the mount onto the dash, MHC recommends that you make sure the display can establish good communications with the SSBI-1 in the proposed mounting location. If the display is not able to communicate to the SSBI-1, you will need to try various locations until good communications can be established.

The SS display module comes preloaded with the MHC Surface Scan application software and has already been paired with the SSBI-1, and is therefore ready to go out of the box without any special configuration. Once the SSBI-1 has been powered up, the SS app can be launched and data readings should begin.

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