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QuadGuard Elite – High-Durability Crash Cushion for Enhanced Roadway Safety | Interwest Safety Supply


Elevate your traffic safety measures with Interwest’s cutting-edge QuadGuard® Elite System. Tailored for zones that demand high-impact protection, this system sets the standard for resilience, effectively absorbing multiple impacts and boasting an impressive 99% reusability rate. Adhering to the stringent NCHRP 350 standards, the QuadGuard® Elite is your assurance that safety benchmarks are not just met—they’re exceeded. Benefit from the long-term cost savings afforded by its robust HDPE construction, which promises to slash lifecycle expenses and reduce the need for frequent maintenance. Opt for the QuadGuard® Elite and invest in a sustainable, dependable defense for your roadways and the safety of the public. Don’t wait—upgrade your traffic safety protocols with Interwest today, your trusted ally in safeguarding roadways with excellence. Contact us to secure your QuadGuard® Elite System and set a new standard in roadway protection.

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