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QuadGuard® System – Proven NCHRP 350 Compliant Crash Cushions for Enhanced Roadway Safety | Interwest Safety Supply


Elevate roadway safety standards with the advanced QuadGuard® Crash Cushions from Interwest Safety Supply. These state-of-the-art barriers are meticulously engineered to manage high-speed impacts, offering a safety solution that meets the rigorous NCHRP 350 certification. The innovative design incorporates energy-absorbing cartridges and the exclusive Quad-Beam™ panels, providing robust protection that stands up to the most demanding conditions. Tailored to accommodate a variety of hazard widths and speeds, QuadGuard® Crash Cushions are the versatile, reliable choice for any project, ensuring that safety is never compromised. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with proven performance and safeguard your roadways with QuadGuard®. Enhance your site’s safety measures today by choosing the industry benchmark in crash cushion technology. Secure your roadway safety with QuadGuard® now.

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