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Why Choose 3M Safety Equipment?

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for producing road safety signs and equipment? 3M is a technology company that designs safety and industrial products, including road safety signs. 3M sets the standard for road safety products and certifies other companies, like Interwest Safety Supply, to manufacture and sell 3M safety equipment.

3M road safety products are backed by over 75 years of studies aiming to improve traffic safety and eliminate serious accidents. What is it that makes this equipment so effective, and why should you consider adding it to your community? Read on to learn more.

The Importance of Traffic Safety Signs

In 2020, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the highest number of traffic fatalities and the highest traffic fatality rate since 2007. Early estimates for 2021 show a 10% increase in traffic fatalities from 2020, illustrating the increasing importance of proper traffic safety.

Traffic signs are one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce accidents in your community. 3M road safety products are engineered to be more visible throughout the day and during the night to give drivers more time to react to traffic changes.

Traffic Sign Visibility

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According to the Federal Highway Administration, half of all traffic fatalities occur during nighttime hours, even though most miles are driven during the day. The rate of deaths per mile driven is three times higher at night than during the day.

Reduced visibility is a major factor in nighttime accidents. The solution? Studies show that in areas where visible traffic signs with higher visibility are installed, accident rates have fallen by as much as 46% within four to six years.

Brighter Traffic Signs

Ten years and tens of millions of dollars have gone into making new 3M road safety products twice as bright as signs with lower-grade reflective sheeting. Here are the three main types of retroreflective sheets used for traffic signs, with differing levels of reflectiveness:

  • Original, retroreflective sheets utilize encapsulated glass beads, which could reflect 14% of the light toward its source
  • Truncated, cube-corner sheeting reflects about 32% of the light toward its source
  • 3M Diamond Grade DG3 Sheeting reflects 58% of the light toward its source, almost doubling the sign brightness.

The fluorescent layer in DG3 signs generates extra light in daylight, twilight, and nighttime hours, maximizing visibility at any time of day.

Better Visibility from Every Angle

In the past, truck drivers have been disadvantaged because most road signs were designed to direct light toward the eye level of car drivers. Because truck drivers sit higher above the road, they saw little light directed to their eye level, which was a major cause for concern because trucks require more notice and braking distance than cars.

3M Diamond Grade DG3 Sheeting uses prismatic optical lenses that reflect a wider distribution of light to trucks and cars. These signs reflect light to small cars and large truck cabins from further away, making them more visible from any angle.

3M signs alert drivers faster and more clearly, no matter what vehicle they drive, giving them time to react and drive safely.

Peace of Mind

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When you purchase 3M safety equipment, you know your products will meet the 3M performance standards. When it comes to road safety, your community, family, and friends rely on you to make the safest decisions.

3M safety equipment will give you peace of mind knowing that your safety products are backed by 75 years of science and a 12-year full replacement warranty for permanent signs.

Shop 3M Road Safety Products at Interwest Safety Supply

At Interwest Safety Supply, we know high-quality traffic safety equipment can help protect you and your community. We have supplied 3M-certified highway signs, safety products, and traffic monitoring equipment to the government and highway construction industry for over forty years, with fast, dependable service.

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