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The Future of Road Safety Signs

A freeway at night with road safety signs above the roads

At Interwest Safety, our top priority is to keep your roads, school zones, and communities free from any traffic hazards. It is estimated that 1.35 million people die each year due to traffic accidents, and in 2020, traffic vehicle deaths rose to the highest point in 13 years, despite fewer drivers on the roads due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Several factors come into play here, but as a traffic safety supply company, these numbers are troubling, nonetheless. That’s why we are committed to keeping roads secure and are involved in the developing technologies that aid in this pursuit.

Developing Technology

The future of certified sign fabricators is an ever-changing industry. As we have moved from corded phones on the wall and dial-up internet to phones in our pockets that allow high-speed wireless connections, the technology of our roadway signs has likewise changed. For some time, Type IX signs were the standard, with truncated cube technology. These signs perform best at a shorter distance, and while they do meet many roadway standards, Type XI signs offer full cube technology, which enhances their visibility for all distances and at various angles for both large and small vehicles. 

Type XI signs can also return nearly twice the amount of light, compared to their Type IX counterparts. Many traffic sign fabricators, like Interwest Safety Supply, already use Type XI sheeting, even when road authorities’ specifications might only call for Type IX. We are dedicated to being the number-one safety supply company, which is why we don’t settle for anything but the best in our products and for our customers.

Increasing Visibility

A Stop sign that is obscured and not easily visible

In a performance evaluation of retroreflective signs, experts found that by itself, retro-reflectivity is not always a good indicator of an effective sign, especially at night. Factors such as placement, weather-resistant signs, and surrounding lighting/environmental conditions can all play a role in the visibility of a road sign. As a result, there have been several ideas on how to best classify sign sheeting materials. Whether it be for temporary traffic control or more permanent situations, areas with more visible signs have shown a 25 to 42% reduction in crashes, proving that when it comes to placing road safety signs, maximizing visibility is vital. Our experts at Interwest Safety can help you navigate these factors when determining which sign is right for your area.

Reflective Paint

A tool spraying yellow, reflective paint onto the asphalt

Last but not least, we need to note the necessity of reflective paint. Reflective markings, meant for both wet and dry conditions, can greatly reduce nighttime driving accidents. Having reliable, reflective paint at your disposal is essential when ensuring the safety of work zones, roadways, and anywhere vehicles are present. At Interwest Safety, we offer both economical and premium glass bead options for painting your streets. When combined with an effective waterbourne striping paint, you receive superior lighting in any setting, especially in the rain and at night.

Interwest Safety Supply

For many years, Interwest Safety Supply has proudly served a variety of customers. Our safety products are used in a multitude of fashions, including highway and street construction and maintenance projects, infrastructure, utilities, landscaping, general construction, events, crowd control, accidents, natural disasters, law enforcement, and land development. As technology continues to advance in sign fabrication, IW Safety plans on keeping up with the curve and the ever-developing industry. The last thing you need to worry about is the durability and overall performance of your completed signs. Contact one of our experts today to see how we can help meet your needs with road safety signs.


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