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Rental Equipment for Traffic Control

Construction workers working on a road with traffic control supplies

Traffic and work-zone safety is paramount, and when it comes to temporary traffic control having the proper traffic safety equipment at your disposal will help ensure a safe environment. From message and arrow boards to truck-mounted attenuators, we have what you need here at Interwest Safety Supply.

Variable Message and Arrow Boards

Communicating traffic patterns throughout your site can help safely direct transit, inform drivers of road conditions ahead, and promote safety throughout the work zone. At Interwest Safety, our variable message and arrow boards create real-time traffic and construction updates, significantly improving the safety of workers and drivers on the road. No matter the size of your work zone, variable message and arrow boards are must-haves when it comes to work zone safety, and we make renting these products easy.

Portable Traffic Signals

When it comes to traffic control products, temporary traffic signals will help ensure efficient and safe traffic throughout your work zone. Maneuvering these signals around the ever-changing layout is especially useful for lane closures and shifting traffic. Whether you have short or long-term needs, Interwest Safety makes it easy to request a rental quote from our experts, helping you find the best fit for your work site.

Truck-Mounted Attenuators (TMAs)

A truck-mounted attenuator, or crash cushion, is a piece of traffic safety equipment meant to reduce and prevent damage to structures, vehicles, workers, and motorists involved in a motor collision. They absorb the kinetic energy from cars and motorcycles and are a necessary safety device for work zones. TMAs are mounted on specifically designed trucks and should be  strategically placed throughout your work zone and lane-closure operations.


Most states have specific regulations and requirements for TMAs. It’s essential to know these before setting up your work zone to avoid fines or potential violations within your work zone. Having a proper MASH-rated attenuator is one of the best investments you can make. Our experts are more than happy to assist you in your preparations to ensure a safe work environment.

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Founded in 1977, Interwest manufactures highway construction and roadway signs, and distributes a wide variety of traffic safety equipment used to signal, protect, delineate, notify, and guide pedestrians and vehicles safely through roadways and work zones.


Our experts are here to help you find the best combination of equipment to fit your rental needs. For years, Interwest Safety Supply has proudly served customers, including the Department of Transportation (state and federal), road contractors, general contractors, small-sign manufacturers, municipalities, airports, schools, universities, law enforcement, rental companies, and the private industry.

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