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Ultra Panels: Your Solution for Enhanced Work Zone Safety | Interwest Safety Supply

Maximize visibility and stability in work zones with Interwest’s Ultra Panels. These NCHRP 350 certified panels, in high-visibility orange or white, are your best defense against on-site hazards. Order now for superior traffic management!

Take charge of traffic control with the superior design of Interwest Safety Supply’s Ultra Panels. These vertical panels, in eye-catching orange or white, are specifically crafted to guide traffic efficiently around work zones. Their optional 20 lb or 30 lb solid rubber bases provide unmatched stability, even amidst heavy traffic. Featuring reflective stripes in Diamond Grade or High Intensity, these panels offer exceptional visibility at any hour, bolstered by a molded handle that accommodates an optional barricade light for heightened safety measures. Adhering to NCHRP 350 standards and constructed from resilient low-density polyethylene, the Ultra Panels promise long-lasting performance. Available in reflective sizes of 8″x 24″, 8″ x 34″, or 8″ x 36″, they cater to diverse project demands. Elevate your traffic management strategy with Interwest’s Ultra Panels—invest in top-tier safety and functionality today.

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