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Nemesis Safety Glasses with Clear/Anti-Fog Lens for Uncompromised Clarity | Interwest Safety Supply


Experience unparalleled eye safety with Interwest Safety Supply’s advanced Safety Glasses. Engineered for resilience, our Cuda Spree and Nemesis models feature industry-leading materials that withstand the rigors of any job site. The Clear and Smoke Lens options come equipped with anti-fog technology, ensuring unobstructed vision in any condition. With detachable sideshields for lateral protection and a universal bridge for a universally secure fit, these glasses are designed for all-day comfort and safety. Whether you’re a construction professional or a safety enthusiast, our glasses offer a shield against hazards like flying debris and UV rays, keeping you focused and protected. Embrace the blend of innovation and reliability—choose Interwest Safety Supply’s Safety Glasses for your next project. Click to secure your vision and elevate your safety standards.

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