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Whelen's Responder LP Series mini lightbars are available in Conical or Linear-LED® modules and feature an aluminum or polycarbonate base for use in a variety of applications.



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Illuminate the path to unparalleled traffic safety with the Responder LP Series Mini Lightbar, your trusted beacon of reliability. Engineered with SAE Class 1 certification, this mini lightbar features six high-intensity Super-LED modules, available in both Conical and Linear-LED configurations, to ensure maximum visibility in any condition. The hard-coated lenses are crafted to withstand environmental challenges, from harsh sunlight to abrasive road chemicals, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Experience the innovation of DUO™ technology with the RDLPPAB model, offering individual control of multi-color LEDs within the same module, perfect for versatile application needs. Choose from 46 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, including simulated rotating patterns, to tailor your signaling to the task at hand. The Responder LP Series comes with a convenient 10′ straight cord and a dual-switch cigar plug, simplifying installation and pattern selection.

Whether you opt for the robust aluminum base or the lightweight polycarbonate alternative, this mini lightbar is designed to cater to a variety of vehicles and scenarios. With a five-year warranty, the Responder LP Series Mini Lightbar is not just an investment in traffic control—it’s a commitment to enduring safety.

Elevate your road safety standards today with the Responder LP Series Mini Lightbar. Click to secure this essential tool for safety professionals and take the first step towards a safer tomorrow.

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