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How it works:
The NiteStar DMI uses either your existing vehicle sensors (accessed through OBDII, SS10) or sensors available through MH Corbin, then computes distance for logging points along a given route and records linear distances with a very high degree of accuracy.
The NiteStar DMI collects data from the OBDII Adapter, SS10 Electronic Interface or the Wheel proximity Sensor.

Survey Data Management Software
• Organize, view and report information collected during surveys
• Converts highway inventory data and GPS coordinates into a single file
• Generates simple to read reports
• Exportable to other Windows based applications
• Data is stored in Microsoft Access format
• Walking along road with a wheel counter is dangerous.  This allows you to measure distance on the road at safe speed.
• Survey data management for highway inventory
• Computes material amount & cost
• Controls PDI devices like paint sprayers and cameras
• Accurately measures distances up to ±1 foot per mile,  depending on sensor used.
• Converts distances to miles, feet or kilometers
• Capable of detecting bi-directional distance (up/down)
• Displays distance intervals between points of interest
• Extensive internal memory for storing data
• Optional power adapter cable to derive 12 VDC from the cigarette lighter or auxiliary power socket
• Measures distances from a moving vehicle
• Eliminates need for mechanical tape measures
• Easily collect, display, store, and document essential or important data
• Completes highway inventories quickly
• GPS unit can be moved from vehicle to vehicle without any installation. 

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