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NC-350 BlueStar: Wireless Traffic Data Mastery for Efficient Roadway Analysis | Interwest Safety Supply

Bluestar NC-350 Traffic Analyzer



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Revolutionize your traffic data analysis with the NC-350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer from Interwest Safety Supply. Engineered with advanced Bluetooth technology, this robust device simplifies data transfer, allowing you to wirelessly sync traffic information with unparalleled ease. The NC-350 BlueStar’s durable extruded aluminum construction guarantees longevity and resilience in the toughest roadside conditions. Its precision in vehicle counting and classification for up to 300,000 vehicles over a span of 21 days empowers you with the data you need to make informed traffic management decisions swiftly. Eliminate the hassle of manual data collection and step into a world of efficiency and accuracy with the NC-350 BlueStar. Don’t miss out on this essential tool for safety-conscious professionals—secure your NC-350 BlueStar today and lead the way in innovative traffic analysis.

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