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AC/Solar RRFB 9200 Series – Eco-Friendly, High-Intensity Flashing Beacon for Enhanced Pedestrian Safety | Interwest Safety Supply


Maximize pedestrian safety and visibility with Interwest’s AC/Solar RRFB 9200 Series, the beacon of innovation. This Rectangular-Rapid Flashing Beacon is engineered for versatility with pedestrian and remote activation, ensuring compliance with the strictest safety regulations. Choose from single or double-sided configurations to suit any crosswalk or construction zone. Available in green, yellow, or black, this beacon is not only a nod to aesthetic flexibility but also to operational excellence with its solar-powered efficiency, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. Certified for quality and designed for durability, the 9200 Series stands as a testament to Interwest Safety Supply’s commitment to enhancing roadway safety. Act now to elevate your traffic control solutions with the AC/Solar RRFB 9200 Series – your trusted partner in public safety.

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