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1400 Series Solar Pedestrian Crosswalk Beacon – Energy-Saving Safety for Crossings | Interwest Safety Supply


Elevate your crosswalk safety standards with the innovative 1400 Series Solar Pedestrian Crosswalk Beacon, proudly presented by Interwest Safety Supply. This beacon is a beacon of sustainability, harnessing solar power to deliver high-visibility flashing that captures attention and protects pedestrians. Customizable to fit your specific environment with 8″ or 12″ sizes and versatile with dual solar or AC power sources, the 1400 Series stands out as a smart investment for eco-conscious safety solutions. Its user-friendly operation, with adjustable flash patterns and remote control activation, offers unparalleled convenience and adaptability. By choosing the 1400 Series, you’re not just installing a crosswalk beacon; you’re committing to a greener, safer future. Secure your Solar Pedestrian-Activated Crosswalk Beacon 1400 Series now and join Interwest Safety Supply in championing a legacy of roadway safety and environmental responsibility.

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