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Improve Traffic Safety in Your Neighborhood with These 5 Tips

Everyone wants their neighborhood to be a place of fond memories, friends, and safety for their families. That means we should do everything we can to ensure high-traffic areas in our neighborhood are as safe as possible. From participating in city meetings to installing radar speed signs, here are five things you can do to improve traffic safety in your neighborhood.

#1. Attend City Council Meetings

Changes in traffic signs and city regulations are usually approved in your local city council meetings. As a homeowner, you have a part to play in those meetings! In each meeting, you will see a section of the agenda that has been set aside for local homeowners to talk about any concerns or comments they have regarding their neighborhood.

If you are interested in hearing your city’s plans for improving neighborhood safety, or if you have suggestions for the council, find out when and where your local city council holds its monthly meetings. Your comments could improve the safety of everyone in your neighborhood! If you need a place to start, these next four tips will give you ideas of what you could suggest at future meetings.

#2. Install Proper Traffic Signs

A radar speed sign tracking car speeds in a neighborhood

Traffic signs can go a long way in reducing accidents in your neighborhood, and yes, they really do work! Let’s walk through some of the most helpful signs.  Radar speed signs can significantly reduce speeding, which protects children and other pedestrians. Do stop signs increase safety? Yes. Stop signs help control the flow of traffic, which reduces collisions and congested intersections. Finally, warning signs alert drivers of upcoming changes in the road to reduce the risk of unexpected turns or curves.

Many drivers feel comfortable when they drive in familiar areas, like a neighborhood. Installing proper signs can help drivers remain alert and aware, which may make all the difference between safe travel and a dangerous accident.

#3. Install and Mark Speed Bumps

Speed bumps force drivers to slow down, which is critical in areas with lots of pedestrians! Drivers going faster than 5-10 MPH will experience a large jolt when they drive over a speed bump, so they’re more likely to follow the speed limit in areas with speed bumps installed.

Do speed bumps work in neighborhoods? With proper signage, yes! As long as there are signs to make sure drivers are aware of the upcoming bump, speed bumps are a safe way to ensure drivers slow down when driving through areas where children may suddenly cross the street.

#4. Park Smart

Cars often park on the side of the road in neighborhoods, which is perfect for areas with less space in driveways or parking lots. While parking on the street is convenient, it can cause some issues if drivers aren’t careful.

If cars aren’t parked right next to the curb, they may stick out into the street and become a distraction to other drivers. Drowsy drivers are especially vulnerable to not seeing a poorly parked car! If you regularly park in the street, or have visitors parked outside your home, take a moment to ensure that you aren’t hindering the flow of traffic. This can protect your car as well as other drivers passing through your neighborhood.

#5. Improve Visibility

Pedestrian crossing sign and a stoplight by a tree

Signs and traffic safety equipment can only help if drivers and pedestrians can see them. Patrol your neighborhood to make sure stop signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crossing signs, and other important signs are clearly visible.

If you find any signs or pieces of traffic safety equipment that are obstructed by trees, or located in a spot that’s difficult to see while driving, you can take the issue to your local city council. If you park in an area that makes it difficult to see important signs, you may need to find another place to park.

Safety signs and other traffic control equipment are critical for pedestrians and drivers alike – even in neighborhoods. You can make sure all the important signs are visible to give drivers the best possible chance to stay safe!

Safety Is Our Middle Name – Literally

At Interwest Safety Supply, we understand that traffic safety is important for even the quietest of neighborhoods. Every parent wants to protect their family, and every homeowner wants to protect their property. To learn more about our high-quality traffic safety equipment, and how it can help protect your neighborhood, click here!

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