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5 Reasons You Should Design Your Own Custom Road Sign

A man in a custom road sign peeking out from around the corner

Quality signage is an important factor in any traffic control situation, but that is only the beginning. Sometimes, standard options and designs aren’t enough – they don’t always articulate the specific needs your work zones, roads, and businesses require.

Every community, business, or project can benefit from tailored road safety signs to better improve safety and awareness in a simple, speedy process.

1. Business Needs

A custom road sign showing where pedestrians can exit using stairs

If your business (and in turn, parking lot) experiences heavy foot traffic, consider equipping your business with quality, custom road signs to help improve pedestrian safety. From directing pedestrians to safe crossing zones to alerting drivers of congested areas, a custom road sign can easily help meet your business needs.

You can even use a little creativity to help customers or visitors help find your location more easily without compromising their safety.

2. Local Parks and HOA Needs

From park regulations to HOA rules and restrictions, it’s easy to display this kind of information with a custom road sign that easily withstands the weathering of snow, rain, hail, wind, and more. Putting these kinds of signs at the entrances, exits, and throughout parks and HOA communities can help remind both visitors and community members in a fun-loving way.

3. Local, State, and Federal Government Needs

A “Welcome to Utah” road sign in a wide, open space

Every sign found on the interstates and highways must include specific information for drivers. Take this to the next level and let your creativity thrive. When entering a new city or state, you can make your community and state stand out with a beautifully designed and manufactured sign customized to your region.

4. Find the Right Color

Before you get started, study this list of road sign colors and meanings below:

  • Black – Regulation
  • Blue – Road user services, guidance, tourist information, and evacuation routes
  • Brown – Recreational and cultural interest area guidance
  • Fluorescent Pink – Incident management
  • Fluorescent Yellow-Green – Pedestrian warning, bicycle warning, playground warning, school bus, and school warning
  • Green – Indicated movements permitted and direction guidance
  • Orange – Temporary traffic control
  • Purple – Lanes restricted to use only by vehicles with registered electronic toll collection accounts
  • Red – Stop or prohibition
  • White – Regulation
  • Yellow – Warning

Certain signs require certain colors based on the type of information displayed. This step often gets overlooked when customizing community signage. With that being said, effective sign fabricators should be able to access specific colors and customize signage needs with the proper color to meet regulatory requirements.

5. Find the Right Size and Retroreflectivity

Not all signs must be as large as those found on the interstates and highways, and not all require the high-caliber reflectivity, either. By creating a custom road safety sign, you can select a design that will meet your needs and requirements while staying within your budget.

Interwest Safety Supply: Custom Road Signs Done Right

An interstate/highway sign against a light blue sky

For over four decades we’ve helped customers create custom road signs and have finalized a simple, speedy process to meet your needs. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Choose the size
  • Choose the shape and color
  • Choose the material and reflection grade
  • Choose the type of mounting
  • Select the quantity

At Interwest Safety, we can also help ensure your sign is MUTCD compliant when needed, and when ordering multiple signs, we can give you the option to vastly reduce the price per unit!

Design your custom road sign today and let our experts help you!

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